Media – My modern life

Media has a big influence on my live. I’m using various media channels. My day starts with the n-tv news on the TV. So when I wake up I will get a daily news update. I often talk about the news which my class mates when we go to school. Example given, the results of the last soccer match or Trading BinaerOptionen.

Although I’m fairly often watching TV I’d not consider it to be my favorite media channel. I’m mostly browsing the Web or listen to the radio, for instance when I’m stuck in traffic. In that way I can stay informed while doing my homework for example. Furthermore I’m checking up on different news tickers during school using my smartphone. All in all I’d classify the Internet to be a dreadfully important media type. It may sound ridiculous but I really don’t know what I’d do without the Internet. I’m basically accessing it all the time either on my cellphone or on my laptop. It is rather easy now days to communicate with friends. Not only can I reach them by the SMS system, I can easily use my computer since it’s practically running all day long anyway. In the 21st century it is simple to communicate even with people who are thousands of kilometers away and who you might not be able to talk to in person at a daily bases by using software like Skype or accessing Facebook. It is an easy and cheap way to reach every friend located around the world. It is also possible to use the internet to call friends and play games while discussing the newest high tech gadgets. It makes life more enjoyable and keeps you busy.

Always when I’m going somewhere I find it informative and interesting to listen to the Inforadio. They are coming with reports and updates without interrupting the news by music. Another function is the GPS, which is guiding me through streets and areas using the Internet. Even while sitting on the train I can check the weather forecast. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can not survive without modern media, which has been integrated and adapted to the modern society. I consider life to be much harder without the media, especially without the cellphone technology. I would even say that media is the nervous system of the society and highly important for the democracy.

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